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Sorry I didn't post last week! Ack. I have a ton of awesome pictures saved up though!



moar graffiti

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As always please check out zazie11's awesome pics of Brooklyn, and check our friends lists for more participants!
I took a minibreak over the weekend and went to Kanazawa. Behold!

Kanazawa Station

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zazie11 is in Brooklyn! Check out our flists for more piccy goodness!



P.S. Xenoflora

A part 2 exists! I wrote it while suffering from jetlag in poose78's spare bedroom. I just haven't dragged it off my netbook and onto my new main box in order to give it another look. I remember it being not half bad. I may cringe later though...

Sorry for the extended break from picture (and other) posting, LJ! I was in the US for two weeks and such, and then I had a new computer and etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah. BUT I HAVE RETURNED! TRIUMPHANT!

Please enjoy my vacation photos of American midwestern randomness...

The SEA-TAC gift shop: full o' bad puns

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And... home!

For more pics, especially of Metro Detroit, check out heintz57! For super awesomesauce pics of Brooklyn, go visit zazie11, my partner in TARDIS piloting! If you're posting pictures and I don't know about it, holla and I'll link you!



Well, picture singular.

I'm sorry you guys! I'm getting ready for a visit to the states (I leave Friday) and I am CRAZY BUSY. Literally crazy busy, like, I am losing my mind here. Never fear! I will be back, and I will be posting from beautiful Chicago!!

Please check zazie11, heintz57, ahedonia for pictures of their respective cities!



Since my wee little netbook decided it was going to work again, I now have recovered my fic in progress. Um, obviously it's still "in progress" but I think it's actually a pretty nice Part 1 at the moment, and since I AM IMPATIENT AND WANT FEEDBACK NAO I am going to post it as such!

Title: Xenoflora
Author: Irrealia
Characters/Pairings: Eleven/Amy, Amy/Rory (conspicuous in Rory's absence)
Rating: XXX
Summary: Sex pollen. Literally. This is not a nice story. Warnings for dubious consent.
Author's Notes: Set in S5 between Cold Blood and Vincent and the Doctor. Inspired by the seasonal blooming of cumflower trees in my city. The tree in this story is based off Ailanthus altissima, a real tree, invasive outside its native Asia, that really does stink of cum, and is rather hilariously known as the Tree of Heaven. 

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Welcome to "Where's your TARDIS today?" Mine is in Kyoto!

Please check out zazie11 for pics of her native Brooklyn, and heintz57 for pics of Detroit and its surrounds. Or, you know, join us in photographic revelry and post your own pics!

This woman's skirt disturbingly matched the hideous green of the Keihan line train seats and confused the hell out of me, since at a glance from a distance, it didn't look like anyone was sitting there.


Polaroid Cameras for sale, for your retro photographic needs

Are you worried that your mouth is fat?

Seriously, a fat face is the new thing we need to watch out for. You too can look like a serial killer in your pursuit of a "kogao" or "little face".

It's iony! No seriously, I don't know what this does. It's like a vibrator for your face? Except with ions? Um, you're supposed to use it on the parts that worry you? Still not sure what it does. But it's a treatment! For your face. Are you feeling anxious about your face yet?

The most uselessly adorable product:

Aaaand some pictures of the countryside south of Kyoto city proper, complete with lotuses.
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Harry Potter ate my fannish soul

I went to see Deathly Hallows pt. 2 this week and OMG SNAAAAAPE no seriously you guys I sobbed through half the damn movie but fortunately I have sympathetic friends who find it charming that I am so moved by fictional characters.

I would have seen it earlier, but it was rather tricky trying to find a theatre that had the movie NOT in 3D BUT with subtitles. (It's a kids' film, so they also released a dubbed version here but GAH NO.)

I'm not the sort of person who sees movies multiple times in the theatre, but I might make an exception for this because SNAPE YOU GUYS SNAPE. Who sticks up for Harry in ways Harry never knew and loved his mom and died looking at Harry's eyes because they were just like Lily's and SOOOOOOB.

Not having any luck finding good HP fic to scratch the itch though. Mrrr.

In other news I'm also watching Torchwood: Miracle Day and I have some seriously mixed feelings about it, but you guys, Jane Espenson!!! Is writing for it. And that is awesome. Because she was a producer and writer on MOTHERFUCKING BTVS. And BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. SHE IS MADE OF AWESOME. And now she's working with Russell T Davies and COULD I ASK FOR MORE?

Well, OK, I could ask for a better show. But Gwen is awesome. GWEN. GWEN!!!

So that's where my head is THIS week.
I noticed this one first of all. It's near where I work.

Kaze kaoru / sawayaka manaa de / jikoboushi
Prevent accidents / with politeness, refreshing / like the fragrant breeze

Here's a similar one:

Sawayaka ni / egao de yuzuru / kyou no michi
Coolly, with a smile / make way for others! on the / streets of Kyoto

Then I remembered I'd seen these on the bus:

Mitsukeyou / hitori hitori no / ii tokoro
Together let's find / all of the good things about / everyone we meet.

Jinken no / wadai-zukuri wa / katei kara
Making time to talk / about our rights as humans / begins in the home

Onaji desu / anata to watashi no / taisetsusa
You and I, we both / matter exactly the same / amount. (So be nice!)

Then I remembered I'd seen the above haiku on a sign by the canal near my apartment:

(Much easier to read on this sign, eh?)

Then I went to the ward office and there was a haiku THERE!

Migakou yo! / Mirai e tsunageru / joubu na ha.
Hey everyone, brush! / Strong healthy teeth that will last / you for years to come.

Then I found this:

Nobiru me ni / yoi tomo yoi ie / yoi shakai
Give our little sprouts / good friends, and happy homes and / a good society.

And then there was this one, lying on its side in an alley:

Fureai to / taiwa ga dekiru / ko no mirai
A future for our kids / where they can interact and / talk to each other.

And then I was forced to conclude that haiku public service announcements were EVERYWHERE and are taking over Kyoto!

Sorry for the lateness, this post was a bit in the making! Updating at the proper time next week, I swear!


Check out zazie11 for pics of her fair Brooklyn, and annehedonia and heintz57, who sometimes join us in photographic festivities!

- upskirt photography and recording
- loitering with intent to distribute advertisements for sexual services and suchlike
- ticket scalping
- distribution of sex trade classifieds/help wanted advertisements

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