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Welcome to "Where's your TARDIS today?" Mine is in Kyoto!

Please check out zazie11 for pics of her native Brooklyn, and heintz57 for pics of Detroit and its surrounds. Or, you know, join us in photographic revelry and post your own pics!

This woman's skirt disturbingly matched the hideous green of the Keihan line train seats and confused the hell out of me, since at a glance from a distance, it didn't look like anyone was sitting there.


Polaroid Cameras for sale, for your retro photographic needs

Are you worried that your mouth is fat?

Seriously, a fat face is the new thing we need to watch out for. You too can look like a serial killer in your pursuit of a "kogao" or "little face".

It's iony! No seriously, I don't know what this does. It's like a vibrator for your face? Except with ions? Um, you're supposed to use it on the parts that worry you? Still not sure what it does. But it's a treatment! For your face. Are you feeling anxious about your face yet?

The most uselessly adorable product:

Aaaand some pictures of the countryside south of Kyoto city proper, complete with lotuses.

Nijo Station (Kyoto City Subway)

Hard to show you in these pictures, but the subway Tozai line has rainbow color-coded stations. Nijo is a red/orange. At the west end of the line, it's yellow; it gets more red/purple/blue as you go east. Sanjo Keihan, one of the most major stops, is an amazing fuschia.

through a glass darkly


Kyoto Prefecture is famous for its delicious vegetables, and local Kyoto-style cuisine is very vegetarian-friendly.

Rice paddies. The rice is quite tall, this time of year!

Swampy yucky water

And lotus buds



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Jul. 27th, 2011 12:22 am (UTC)
Yeah at least LJ is working for you. I just have to giggle at all the fat reducing face products. I wonder if they work.

Love the pics of the Lotus buds. I hope you can get back there and take a pic of them in full bloom. They are such a beautiful flower.

The metro stations are so clean I think the US could use some advice on how to keep our metro stations clean.
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